UnitedHealthcare companies now offer individual health insurance in 17 states through the public and private insurance exchange system. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about UnitedHealthOne individual insurance

Am I eligible for a premium subsidy?
The federal subsidy for COBRA premiums has expired. Some mall businesses may be eligible for a tax credit for the cost of health insurance, but this does not directly reduce the premium cost at the time of policy enrollment. Since COBRA is usually the most expensive type of health insurance, it makes sense to consider some less expensive alternatives. When pre-existing conditions are not an issue, short term medical insurance is the obvious alternative for periods up of coverage up to 12 months. Even when pre-existing conditions are not covered by temporary insurance, the lower cost insurance still provides the important evidence of continuous coverage that keeps you from incurring a long waiting period the next time you join a permanent or employer-provided health plan.

Beginning in January 2014 some people with lower incomes who purchase a qualified insurance policy will be eligible for a health insurance premium subsidy paid by the federal government.

Why can't I get quotes for insurance staring in January 2011?
Updated: quotes are now available for all stated where UnitedHealthcare offers individual insurance.

Are health reform provisions included in insurance plans issued today?
Yes, many of the changes brought about by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 are included in plans starting with effective dates of Sept. 23, 2010 including:
• Covered in-network preventive care is not subject to deductible, coinsurance, copays, or a waiting period.
• No aggregate lifetime dollar maximum.
• Prescription drug annual dollar limit is removed.
• Outpatient spine and back annual dollar limit is removed.
• Mental disorder/substance abuse lifetime and annual dollar limit is removed.
• Preexisting condition exclusions are removed for covered dependent children under age 19.

Is dental insurance available alone without medical insurance?
Yes dental insurance is available in most states with or without medical insurance. For quoting and enrollment of dental plans alone without medical insurance, use the Ancillary Products page to find all UnitedHealthOne dental insurance plans available in your area.

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