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Golden Rule Insurance company, a UnitedHealthcare Company, offers health insurance products to individuals and families in Ohio.

Products available

Provider Information

Ohio-specific coverage provisions

Brochures and forms

Continuity product information

FACT Membership

Ratings and reviews


This fact sheet is meant to be used in conjunction with the assistance of an enrollment agent. Please call or email for more information.

UnitedHealthOne fact sheet in Ohio

Products available

The following products are currently available in Ohio:

  • individual health insurance
  • dental insurance
  • vision insurance
  • continuity coverage
  • FACT membership
  • small business benefit plans
  • short term medical insurance
  • NEW! critical illness insurance

Click on the quote link above for more information on each product (except critical illness insurance).

Provider Information

Find a UnitedHealthcare participating network provider hospital, doctor, dentist or other specialist located near you.

Become a participating provider

Ohio-specific coverage provisions

Ohio insurance law includes the following provisions that affect individual health insurance:

  • The policy provides coverage for mental disorders and substance abuse as required by applicable state law. Specific details are induced in the certificate at issue.
  • The limited exclusion for AIDS does not apply.
  • State of Ohio Basic and Standard portability plans (guarantee issue without preexisting conditions exclusions) are available to eligible applicants.
  • A child will continue to be eligible until age 28 if unmarried.
  • List-billing of individual insurance policies to an employer or association is permitted
  • Payment for individual insurance by an employer is permitted
  • Find more information on the state insurance department Website


UnitedHealthcare Copay Select video
UnitedHealthcare Health Savings Account video
UnitedHealthcare Plan 100 video
Dental Insurance
Short Term Medical Insurance Plus
Short Term Medical Insurance Value

Brochures and forms

The following forms are available by email from OnlineNavigator in PDF format:

  • Critical illness insurance brochure
  • Critical illness insurance application
  • Printable Dental Application
  • Printable Health App
  • Printable Short Term App
  • Dental Brochure
  • Health Plans Brochure
  • Short Term Brochure
  • EFT Authorization
  • FACT Marketing Folder
  • Comparison of FACT Benefits
  • Authorization for Disclosure of Personal Information (General)
  • Qualified Medical Expenses
  • HSA Problem Solved Brochure
  • List Bill Set Up Worksheet
  • List Bill Packet
  • ERISA Safe Harbor Rule Requirements
  • List Bill Employer Payor Agreement
  • Employer Payor for Multiple Applicants Packet
  • Employer Payor for Multiple Applicants Agreement
  • Prescription Drug List (4 Tier)
  • Prescription Drug List (Discount Card and Preferred Price Card)
  • Network Availability Listing
  • Heart Murmur Inquiry
  • Short Term Application and Payment Information

Continuity Product information




FACT Membership

Brochure and enrollment packet

Ratings and reviews

See UnitedHealthcare's National Committee on Quality Assurance report card for Ohio


July 1, 2011 - Unitedhealthcare critical illness insurance is now available to residents of Arizona. This important supplemental coverage provides a financial cushion for the devastating impact of a major heart attack, stroke, life-threatening cancer or other catastrophic medical events. This insurance can be elected in coverage amounts from $10,000 to $50,000 on a voluntary individual or group basis.

1/1/2011 Ohio Open Enrollment Program - Ohio law requires Golden Rule Insurance Company to accept a certain number of individuals for open enrollment coverage without regard to health status. If you qualify as a Federally Eligible Individual (FEI), your coverage will be effective immediately without any pre-existing condition exclusion period. If you do not qualify as a FEI, you may apply for non-FEI open enrollment coverage.

You are a Federally Eligible Individual if you meet all of the following conditions:

1. You had health coverage for at least 18 months without a break in coverage greater than 63 days.

2. Your most recent health coverage was under a group health plan, governmental plan or church plan.

3. You are not eligible for coverage under any of the following plans:

a. A group health plan

b. Medicare

c. Medicaid

4. You do not have any other health coverage.

5. Your most recent health coverage was not terminated because of nonpayment of premiums or fraud.

6. If you had been offered the option to continue coverage under COBRA or a state continuation plan, you both elected and exhausted the continuation coverage.

You are a Non-Federally Eligible Individual if you meet the following conditions:

1. You are not applying for coverage as an employee of an employer, member of an association or member of any
other group.

2. You do not have any other health coverage and are not eligible to be covered under any private or public health benefit plans including the following:

a. Medicare or Medicare supplement policy

b. Medicaid

c. Any COBRA or state continuation coverage plan

d. Other health benefits arrangement

If Golden Rule Insurance Company has not yet met its enrollment quota, they will offer you the Ohio health care Basic and Standard benefit plans for purchase. You may need to submit proof of previous creditable coverage. Celtic Insurance Company is not required to accept applicants who at the time of enrollment, are confined to a health care facility due to chronic illness or permanent injury. As a Non-Federally Eligible Individual coverage may be limited for pre-existing conditions for the first 12 months, however, you will be credited time you were covered under a recent previous health plan. Open enrollment will remain open until the statutory limit has been reached.

Additional Program Information:

Ohio Open Enrollment Packet
Ohio Individual Standard Plan Sample Policy
Ohio Individual Basic Plan Sample Policy

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